Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Fixer Upper

I share a booth at Woolworth Walk in downtown Asheville with my 2 buddies - Kate and Mary.  It's a wonderful place to visit and see so many beautiful and interesting pieces of art. One of the quilts in our booth is this one made (by me0 quite a while back. It was originally made for an invitational exhibit of fiber artists. We were each given a picture of an antique quilt and then challenged to make a piece inspired by that. My piece was an old Dresdan Plate quilt done in the colors seen below. 
I used to do Toll painting and my favorite artist was Jo Sonja...this quilt, not only inspired by the antique quilt but also the works of this very talented toll painter. Over the years, although kept in a safe place, it somehow managed to acquire a stain on the upper left side....what to do.

I decided since it was so whimsical to add some hearts to cover the stain...we quilters are always thinking on our feet...since I added the one heart to the upper left, I added some more below and one on the right. The great Roberta Horten once said...if you make a mistake, repeat it 2 more times and then it looks intentional. I can't tell you how often I've taken that advice...Thank you Roberta!

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  1. Your happy quilt is such a warm welcome to shoppers as they enter Woolworth Walk….with the hopes too it entices them down the stairs to our space filled with great wall art and other goodies!!