Thursday, May 17, 2018

Painter's Nursery

Our yearly trek to Painters Nursery in Old Fort, NC happened once again - come rain or shine....this year, it was SHINE fortunately. Every year we're wanting to cut back but it never happens.
It's a huge place, only open from March thru July...the rest of the year is spent getting ready for the following March opening.
Beautiful annuals and perennials along with vegetables (which is my favorite).
There is outside space and indoor greenhouses, beautiful hanging pots and other colorful offerings.
We bought some of those vibrant Asiatic lilies in orange...they are almost flourescent.

So just starting to pack up...every year we wish we brought 2 cars...
Packed very tightly...

And the front seat....... crazy...I drove home with my knees touching my chin....well it was worth it...Garden tour to follow as soon as we have the planting done. Of course, the highlight of the trip is ending up at lunch somewhere. My son likes Papas and Beer so that is usually our choice...a great day.

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