Saturday, December 22, 2018

And then Came the Storm

We had all kinds of predictions for the latest storm...anywhere from 8" to 24.....So I knew when I went to my daughters the friday before, I would probably not be coming home on Monday as planned. Atlanta would be easy to get out of but Asheville impossible to get into.
So my hubby took some's always so pretty if you don't have to go anywhere.
Here are the raised beds in our veggie garden....
and the side of our house.

We did get lots of snow but the roads cleared up fairly quickly...but our driveway...another story....On the left I'm standing at the bottom looking up to my house and on the right looking down at the road. The red circle is where our car is was a week before everything was clear again....Ugh


  1. It is so pretty..I could honestly handle staying in Michigan during the winter. Retiree's don't have to go anywhere! Be fine with me!! HA

  2. And so it begins! It does look beautiful, but getting around is a challenge. Merry Christmas