Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Fiber Junkies and Cool Ideas

We had our annual Fiber Junkies party a while back...I've been running back and forth to Atlanta and been so busy, I've not done anything blog related....but this is my journal and I do love a record of the wonderful times in my life...
Gen hosted our party ...first thing I noticed was her beautiful table, especially the tablecloth which her grandmother crocheted. I have the same one although not in as good a shape as this beauty. Our grandmothers were a part of a generation that did a lot of handwork and we are lucky to reap the benefits. I remember seeing the crochet hook and thread used and it was so fine, I don't know how they did something this amazing.
Mary showed us a new baby quilt for a nephew. I love the size of the "fussy cut" centers, you can really see the pattern. A baby will love this and all the beautiful, bright colors.
Mary also made this piece starting with an ice-dyed piece she created.

Some other wonderful show and tells came from Denny who is not only a wonderful technician but incredibly prolific. She was especially pleased with her new top made with African fabrics. The blocks were so interesting, especially loved the one dealing with the cotton fields. What a great interpretation.
And this is the lovely and also such a great way to use up small pieces of fabric.
Susan showed us her newest table runner which was so pretty and loved the "pop" colors.

And now onto the best part - our gift exchange. We do a white elephant but a nice "elephant"'s great fun and think we all go home very happy. Mary made her hand felted candle holders on right and Gen got a huge box of Sharpies. She loves working with markers and paper so this was right up her alley.
Kate who claims to always have cold hands was lucky to get a pair of Gen's handmade fingerless gloves. We've all been lucky to get one of Gen's hand knitted treasures over the years. She has been knitting forever and is our "master knitter".

We never know what we're going to get but it seemed to work out that the perfect gift was matched with the right here's mine. First of all, Denny is a master at creating fabric. This beautiful piece of silk noil (top left) would have been enough but inside was Rayna Gillman's newest book. I'm a big fan of Rayna...both of her work and her personally so this was a thrill to get.
And here is the coolest idea (as mentioned in the title)....Denny used an inexpensive tape measure...don't spend a lot of money on it; she cut it a tad bit shorter than the length of the casing and slid it inside. No matter where you open it along the edge, it folds out (as a tape measure will do) and then springs back into shape. I was fascinated by this idea and the perfect way to close a bag...
Well, you've seen all of us over the years in group pictures; we've had members come and go for various and unforeseen reasons....but this group of gals here have been together a long time. They are the best in every way...talent, sharing, fun...and great hugs...(and an added plus, they all like wine)...Gen is bottom left, our mentor and whom we all say we want to be like when we grow up!....Denny on the right is always researching new ideas and ways to do things...She keeps us motivated with her great ideas.

Sandra on the left was a guest at our meeting this time and the sister of Susan on right....don't they look like twins?....Susan is our newest member and does incredible work.

Mary - bottom left, is our resident type A personality...always one step ahead of us and keeping us on task....Kate on right is a beautiful colorist and inspires us with her lovely work. And Val in the lovely blue much talent who has inspired us so much over the years. Although she cannot attend our meetings, she is always in our thoughts as we are in hers....miss you Val.

So yes I realize I'm missing as I was the picture taker...and what I will say about myself is that I'm just happy to be part of such a nice group of girlfriends who inspire me and make me laugh.


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  1. Had to laugh at you being the photographer...I'm not in 1% of the family or art group photos...why you ask? Because I'm the one taking the pics! Isn't that a hoot...guess they'll have to draw our faces in for future memories! HA
    Great work again by a talented group of women!!