Wednesday, March 27, 2019

SAQA Pt. 2

 At our SAQA meeting, we also had our show and tell - always inspiring. Kathie Briggs showed us a piece (left) which was a corroboration with 8 people....everyone used Kathie's fabric to create a small section of the quilt below and then put together. Of course, everyone had the same chance of others in the group making a section for their piece...such a fun project. Kathie on right has also been making table runners and matching bowls. My bowl picture was blurry but it was a lovely piece and so functional.
Lynn DellaPosta created this piece out of a clean up cloth - they always make into the best pieces. She extended the lines of her scribbles into the border which made it so interesting.
I also love the way the piece is not perfectly centered on the border fabric...kinda of catti-wampus! Love it.
Mary and I are in a little group - Fiber Junkies where we learn different surface design techniques. We often work on small pieces and then what to do with them. Mary created these beautiful little book covers for small size books to carry in your purse. She actually created quite a few to bring as gifts to her family in California but you can also see them in her booth at Woolworth, downtown Asheville (booth 235 downstairs)

We had a guest artist - Ellen Lindner who is a fiber arts teacher and here visiting. I thought it was interesting how she did exercises on 5 x 8 cards...randomly and then used portions of it to create a larger piece. The piece on the right is part of the design on the card (on left)...very clever and fun way to work.


Ellen also showed us more of her dye experiments...
Shirley showed us a piece in the works created in a workshop with Gloria Loughman. It is beautiful in person and I can't wait to see it done...The "tile" background is all individual pieces - amazing! Such a wonderful group of gals and so much inspiration...I always go home fired up!


  1. OMgosh...I know Kathie B. she probably doesn't remember me. Mary Andrews and I were co-reps for SAQA Michigan 2009-2010. I know I've met Kathie at some functions and I think she was part of our MQAI exhibit we had! What a small world!