Saturday, April 6, 2019

SAQA Trunk Show & Gallery Show

 There were 2 parts to this wonderful exhibit - the Mountain Art Quilters in the church street gallery and the SAQA traveling trunk show in the fellowship hall. Our (MAQ) exhibit featured beautiful quilts and talks from several members.

Kathie Briggs talked about her wonderful piece featuring many layers including a waterfall.

Tricia Tillett created Radiolaria in the Sea - an elaborate mineral skeleton. She has done a beautiful job recreating this phenomenon in fabric.
 This interesting and very colorful pieced art quilt was created by Lisa Heller

Agatha Van de Ven created the piece on the left and Susan Webb Lee created "Board Game" on the right - both such fun pieces to see with lots of wonderful surface design techniques.

 Lynn DellaPosta created this very "nature orientated" piece with some spontaneous piecing and unusual fabrics.
 Lynne Harrill created this lovely piece out of hand-dyed fabrics she made herself. (Bottom) Kathie Briggs created "Summer Pathways" on left and "Annie's Fall" on right. Both were wonderful but I was so taken with Annie's Fall and the amount of surface design techniques and fabrics used to create this very realistic and interesting piece.

  This wonderful use of black and white fabric - "Night Vision" was created by Jo-Ann Jensen.

 Julie Bagamary created the piece on the left and Shirley Schaeffer Parkin on the right. Both have some wonderful hand stitching on them.
 Paula Entin created "Field of Flowers" which will be part of a solo exhibition at the NC Arboretum coming soon...but more on that later.

 I love this piece by Jenny Perry and the title - "The Answer my Friend" clever....took a minute for it to click in my brain.
 This lovely piece - "Birches in the Moonlight" was created by Janine Anderson-Bays

  This piece by Mary Stori - "Woodland Ferns" utilizes Eco printed and discharged images created by Mary.

This piece - "Blessings" made by Deborah Gebbie utilizes many techniques and found materials.

This is my piece - "After the Rain". Sometimes a name will come easily look and it reminded me of the woods right after a rainfall...kind of misty and gloomy but something very intriguing about it. I hand marbled, dye painted and used Shibori as some of the techniques. Silk organza which was stamped, painted, cut out and edges burned scatter on the top.
There were so many great pieces to see, I tried to represent at least one of each artist...
 Meanwhile in the Fellowship Hall, the SAQA Traveling Trunk show was going on.
 The hall was laid out beautifully with lots of room to view pieces and walk around.
 Kathie, Mary and Tricia...
 One of our guests had a fabulous coat which she knitted ...had to get a picture.
 Here's Jenny enjoying the show....
 You can see how big the room was...each piece being given their due plus a card with information on the piece.
 Our break center...
 Another lovely jacket made from batiks..
There were so many wonderful pieces to see, can't say I had a favorite but I really loved this one with all the hand stitching...It was a wonderful and very successful exhibit. Hats off to Linda for organizing it and all the hardworking members of Mountain Art Quilters for making it happen. Check out the latest happenings in the quilt world at Off the Wall Friday and Whoop Whoop Friday.

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