Monday, June 10, 2019

Fiber Junkies June 2019 - Fabric Painting with a Twist

Last week, our FJ group met at my home for a day of Indigo dyeing...but with a forecast of rain, we had to make some quick changes since Indigo is an outside activity. Kate had a book of techniques dealing with fabric painting...well that was easy to pull together and this group is the best for adapting...soooo...
We wound up indoors doing some very fun techniques. One of the things we did was wrapping fabric on a PVC pipe, scrunching it up and touching the top of the folds with paint.
Here's a beautiful piece that Gen created...Most of the pieces needed a lot of time to dry but Lumiere metallic paint dries so quickly.

There were some very interesting and easy ways to manipulate the fabric for painting. The one - upper left is the flag fold. The fabric is wet so the paint will wick when applied. We used the Delta Brush on Fabric Color which worked well.
Besides the edges, some of us filled in the middle area with other color like the lower right (Kates).
We found that using white to start with might have been the best choice rather than trying to save some "misfit" fabrics which we like to do. My fabric on the left is one of those misfits and painting did not improve it and also was ineffective.
Here, Gen is applying 2 different paints...will be interesting to see how it turns out.
This is the Chevron which was a really fun manipulation. We did use little clips to secure at every point.

Mary used one of her pieces she wanted to improve. She experimented on this piece by not wetting it beforehand. We all thought it was very interesting although Mary didn't agree. I think she might have gone back and spritzed it with water to make it spread...

Kate is making a "jellyroll" by scrunching the fabric first and then rolling it like below, securing it with a rubberband.

Wetting the fabric and dipping each end into a fairly thin paint, will create an interesting piece of fabric.
The "scrunch" was another easy. After the fabric is scrunched, we used paint in a spray bottle to touch the tops, more than one color was used.

Kate is doing the "Starburst" above by pinching the middle of a square piece of fabric and twisting the pinched fabric around while holding the outer edge.
Gen has somewhat of a starburst...will see many of the results at the next meeting.
Some of our little packets ...drying.

And some of my pieces...I like the lower right which was twisted and the edges touched with Lumiere paint. The orang-y piece would have been more successful if I started with white...the paint I added to the tops was not enough of a contrast to make any difference. The blue one in the lower left has some nice areas but not enough to make a statement and the top left purple... could- a, would- a, should-a used white and it would have been a more interesting piece.  What's so fun about being in a group like this is the experimenting and doing it with others where you can get input and often times..some laughs...and of course we all agree that everything always looks better after a glass of wine! I am linked to Off the Wall Friday and


  1. Oh what neat outcomes....I used to dye in jam jars years ago--but i never used any paints... I like your piece on the left a lot...those streaky yellow-ey golds are lovely hugs, Julierose

  2. You each have such a great time! Lucky ladies for sure!

  3. I love your quick thinking! I do a lot of fabric painting, but since I don't dye, I've never thought to use any of the folding techniques. What a great idea!

  4. I certainly needed multiple glasses of wine to view mine in a positive light! Hee…hee