Friday, June 21, 2019

Folkwear and PTA

PTA (Piecers, Talkers, Applique-ers AKA Professional Textile Artists) met at Barbara's home and always a fun time. We had a busy agenda that day...talking, sharing work, eating, a walk through Barbara's beautiful garden and a trip to a new store featuring the Folkwear patterns from years ago.
First up, show and tell - Georgia got us started showing us flower bands for all of her students.
Mary showed us a new piece she was just finishing up. The background was so interesting made up of deconstructed fabric we had created at one of many Fiber Junkie meetings. This is our favorite technique in this group so we have made it a lot, but as nice as the fabric is, also difficult to intergrate into something.
Mary has done a good job with that. I also like the imagery she has chose to put on top...simple but bold enough to be front and center on such a busy background.
Dort (below) showed us her latest in a series based on a trip to France with her sister. What I particularly love and tried to highlight is the decorative stitching around the edge between piecing...thought that was so clever and interesting without taking away from the focal point.

Marene showed us her quilt from John Campbell Folk Art School where she assisted Georgia in the classroom. This was the class project and Marene wanted to try it herself...wonderful colors.
We took a short break to eat and indulge in this wonderful dessert that Barbara made...chocolate cake with homemade chocolate buttercream icing...look good???....tastes even better...maybe even divine!

Next part of our day was a trip to the new shop - Folkwear....
See the next post for lots of fun pictures and information on this wonderful new edition to Fairview.

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  1. golly, Mary's piece is gorgeous..lovely work hugs, Julierose

  2. It looks like you have a fabulous fiber group, so much talent. And that fabric store sounds delightful, but a little too far for me here in CT.

  3. I appreciate your kind words about my new wall art piece “4 Green Trees”. You couldn’t have said it better…..deconstructed screen printing is a definite favorite activity of the Fiber Junkies and yes, the stunning results are always so challenging to work with. But perhaps it’s that very challenge that keeps us coming back to this technique.

  4. Well, I always enjoy seeing the artwork you ladies have made but that cake has my mouth watering!