Monday, January 6, 2020


Happy New Year and may the new decade bring lots of good things. As we enter January, I have to admit, I have a fondness for winter which many people view as WHAT...!!!!!  I've always loved cold weather - not extreme cold, but cold which suggests fires in the fireplace, comfy pjs and slippers, winter soups and lots of studio time. 
When one wakes up to this and wishing it were snow.....well maybe next time.
But it is pretty and I'll take it.
Now mind you, I grew up in New York where snow frequently visited my town. We had many snow days off from school and when I became a teacher and had to drive to school in snow....I was not happy.
So I guess it's all in your point of view or stage in it's off to my studio today...too cold to venture out. My PTA group (Professional Textile Arts) is meeting here on thurs...lots to do and hopefully a great show and tell for inspiration. Will report back.


  1. I like snow--only if i don't have to drive in hubby a Berkshire Mts native-loves snow driving and doesn't get intimidated at this works for me lol Neat pictures--enjoy your studio meeting...hugs, Julierose

  2. I honestly don't mind the cold as I, too, enjoy staying home! But the girls (my dogs) expect to walk twice a day and it's just not going to happen in 22 degree weather! HA Has to be over 31 and no wind for me to walk them. Their paws can't take too much cold nor can they take the salt on the roads, which we still have!!! I do miss Florida weather for sure but enjoy the time to stay home!

  3. I'm with you. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons. I've lived places that did not have all four seasons and I missed the change inside me that I experience in those two seasons. I feel a stronger person for being challenged by and able to survive what winter throws at me, enjoy the exhilaration that successfully living with it provides. There's nothing like a walk after dark as a new round of snow falls, that incredible silence and soft glow. When the landscape would otherwise be drab, a fresh coating of snow brightens everything up. I could go on but obviously, you KNOW all the advantages of winter. Yes, it's not ALL wonderful, especially for those who have a treacherous drive to work, but in my estimation, no season is. Having grown up in northern Idaho with its long winters, hoping for school closures but them being few because, as the joke went, as long as the superintendent could get to school in his 4-wheel drive, school would be on, having ample time to go sledding anyway, I have nothing but fond memories of winter and have been happiest when living in an area that gets snow. Like you, snowy days make me especially want to head to the studio or pick up some handwork, sit by a fire, sip hot tea ...