Wednesday, January 22, 2020

PTA - Bringing in the New Decade

Our first meeting of PTA in the new decade met at my home a short while back. 
It was fun to get settled into a routine after the craziness of the holidays....not much show and tell...
as we were all still trying to catch up from the holidays...I know I just put my decorations away....
but Mary who is so prolific had something beautiful to surprise there. Her wall hanging consists of a pieced background made from deconstructed fabric we created in our other group - Fiber Junkies. This is such a high energy fabric...I always find it challenging to use but I think she has nailed it in this piece. Birds and grass created in black silhouettes are in the foreground.

At our holiday party, one of the sillier gifts was old antique clothing including undergarments. Connie who is a certified quilt appraiser loved this gift and quickly swapped her own for it. So this meeting, after doing some research, she came upon photos of old time undergarments to show us...most interesting.

Lynne has been busy dyeing fabric ...also working on a beautiful commission piece but wants to keep it under her hat until it is done and given to the buyer. We did get to see it and hopefully I'll be able to take a picture before she hands it over.
Marene has been doing some paper piecing as she sits long days in the hospital waiting on her husbands tests...well a nice way to pass time and also trying such an old-time and loved technique.
Barbara found this quilt in the book Master's Art Quilts Vol I...fell in love with it...was able to track down the artist who made it and get permission to make it. Barbara is probably the best piecer I know  and she loves it also, so I know this will be a beauty when done.
It was a great day seeing everyone again and just being back to our routine...We talked about some things to do during the year and I know it's going to be a good one...I hope yours is also.

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  1. I love that last quilt picture!!!! Anything geometric...looks traditional...then appears modern...the blacks/grays/colors are wonderful!!! Can't wait to see when Barbara quilts it!!! As always, great Show and Tell....