Sunday, May 17, 2020

From this to.........

My niece just sent pictures of her twin almost 5 months old, laying on the I Spy Quilts I made for them. They each got their own to drag around and sit on....the quilts are a little different from the other but both very colorful and fun for a little one...

I know I'm partial but I do think these are the cutest babies ever...just want to squeeze them and kiss on them. They live in NY so it will be a while before I get to see glad they're enjoying their quilts.


  1. Adorable and so thoughtful of your niece to send the photos….so often we never get the opportunity to see our work in use!

  2. They are adorable. I'm sending them virtual kisses too. They will have so much fun with their I SPY quilts.

  3. oh my gosh!!!! The are the sweetest little ones!!!!! And laying on the quilt makes you feel so good too...they enjoy these even when they are 21 and the quilts are worn out!!! Great memories!