Sunday, May 10, 2020

"I Remember Mama" an old movie from the 40s and one of my favorites....I watch it every year when it's on and this year it is...TCM at 8 this evening. It's about a Swedish family who come to America for a better life....bringing all the sisters and uncles and cousins that makes up their clan. The story is simple, dealing with everyday problems and joys and the very subtle role the mother plays in them. It's a tug at your heart strings movie with beautiful moments; it specifically shows the strength of this wonderful woman and mother, a strength she was not aware of herself.
Life was simple back then but also difficult and different from the life we know today.

As a little girl, I remember my mama holding me by the shoulders and saying to me..." I just want you to be strong". I would answer, "well of course I'm strong....I can run this fast and lift this high and open this jar"...completely unaware of the real meaning. As I got older, I realized the power of her message and how it helped her in her own life. 

My mom and her mom - my grandmother who lived next door could do anything. I grew up thinking this is what women do...from painting the house, fixing the hedge shears, taking a toaster apart, and styling your hair....from making all your clothes, drapes for the house, evening gowns for the Eastern Star and warm winter coats.....from being my playmate, my Brownie leader and neighborhood mom whose house we always ended up in and one of my fondest memories....making jelly apples for Halloween. Our house was the last to visit and my mom always had to start the first bite of the apple as the little ones couldn't bite into them. 

Top left, my mom upper left, me lower left as a right my mom and I...below left - my mom at a cookout with the brownie troop...she was the leader and lower beautiful mom.
She was the best mom ever and I was so blessed to have this wonderful woman to raise and teach me the values I hold so dear today....One of my favorite photos above...says it all... - Till We Meet and we will again some day....Love you mom.


  1. I so enjoy seeing family pics of folks I know (even those Internet folks!)!!! And how profound of your mother to give you the advise you to Be Strong!!! A wonderful post and thanks for sharing your family with your readers!!!

  2. Such a wonderful tribute to your Mom. You are so fortunate to still have all these memorable photos.