Sunday, June 14, 2020


Over the years I did a lot of teaching, first in public school and then at quilt guilds and conferences.....Having been a Home Economics teacher, it was the most natural thing to go into wearable art which I've always loved...which led to art quilts....which led to surface design.

I loved machine work, free motion especially and bobbin work. I have oodles of samples and I don't know where they all came from and why I have so many...think I was trying out different threads on hand dyed silk, getting different color combos. I liked to use Candlelight which is a heavier metallic thread and must be used in the bobbin...even too thick for the biggest needle which is the top stitch needle with its oversized eye.
 During my studio purge the other day, I had a pile of samples, ready to toss them...what else could I possibly do with them since I'm not really teaching anymore...The lightbulb went off and I thought CARDS. I do share a gallery space with my girlfriend Mary Stori at Woolworth in downtown Asheville. Woolworth is on the National Register for Historical buildings in Asheville and still has the original bones. They have even reconstructed the old soda fountain looks and feels like you're going back in time.....well back on track...

 One of the things I sell are cards. They are all handmade and involve some surface design or machine process. The fabrics are hand painted and even some beading can appear on some.
 I have lots of card blanks but think my favorite is the "photograph" style which allows you to  insert a this case a little piece of art. On the top left, a "needlelace" sample and on the right another variation of lace.
 Below left are some needlelace and applique cards along with crewel embroidery by machine using Lana thread by Madeira. On the right is "lace fabric...just lots of left over thread and yarn, sandwiched between Solvy (water soluble stabilizer) and machine lace stitched on top to hold it together. The Solvy is then dissolved away.

 On top is Confetti and below the confetti card are 2 samples using hand dyed silk and bobbin couching. On the right is bobbin stumpwork...where there is a build up of threads along the edge, sporatically placed. This is based on the original version of stumpwork done by hand on embroidered pieces. Bobbin work is always done on the wrong side so you are sewing blind.
Below on left, more bobbinwork and stumpwork and on the right is lace and a sample using
Paintsticks (leaves on lower left)

Above, more bobbin work with negative space which highlights the beauty of the silk. All in all, it's been fun and even better, I feel like these interesting samples will find another home if only for a little while. Please come by our gallery space if you're ever in Asheville, NC. We are in Woolworth, lower level, space  #235
Have a fun, productive and peaceful week. I like to say to please remember to wear your masks....As Smokey the Bear used to say in his commercials..."The life you save, may be your own".


  1. What a great idea! These are cool and should be popular.

  2. Oh Judy this is a perfect solution to utilize the beautiful techniques. I’m sure they will be really good sellers….WHEN the tourists come back….hopefully that will be soon. Downtown is still a ghost land.

  3. What a great idea! I love sending my 'slices of my quilts' in these cards to friends. You're giving them a little piece of your art work and hopefully I've cheered some folks up receiving them. I know your cards will sell as they are so unique and beautiful! Good repurposing of your art work!