Monday, June 1, 2020

Shiny and Shinier + Found Treasures

Well there are pros and cons to cleaning your studio......During this pandemic, I read about many artists who were purging, cleaning out...what a great time to do this. Meanwhile I was doing nothing...I couldn't get myself motivated and felt like a big slug. I don't know what bug got hold of me but I woke up one morning and said....this is the day! I'm tackling my studio. 
 It's a large area and requires a lot of moving around which is probably why I don't do it that often.
 I have to move tables, bins etc to one end, wash floors and let dry .....
and then finish off with Mop and Glo - a product I used many years ago for hard wood floors. It's a lot of work...
But the shine is so worth it...
I Like to have a "before and after"...Not very often that I have the "after"....

Well and here's the best part...while waiting for each part to dry so I could wax, I decided to clean out bins and fabric stashes....Like every quilter I know, they're not just in one it actually turned into a 3 day job...

I found treasures I didn't know I had....lots of Wow moments.
 I found this with extra fabric rolled up inside...I looked at it like "where did this come from and why is it in my house...." It was a total surprise...and then found another project...
 with these cut out flowers that worked great on the project I just found..
 The colors work well together ..... I couldn't believe my luck..
  Well, my retreat project from March....something I had put away and forgot about...not too much of a surprise but will be fun to work with.

Now this was a surprise - I found this in my stack of Indigos - this old bag to hold pistachios that I dyed with Indigo and apparently started to match up with fabrics. I love the bag and think it will be a fun piece.
And this last piece I made in an Eco Printing workshop with Vicki Bennett. I loved the piece but not the shape so much so I might be able to divide it into 3s and make it into a tryptche 
 It actually divides into 3 good sizes which I can mount over pre-stretched canvas's. So with all my purging, I was able to free up 2 big drawers and 2 of which will be designated for projects in I'll always be able to find more surprises for me! Is that a good thing or a bad thing...? hmmmmmmm.....
Have a great week.


  1. Your studio is beautiful and looks very functional.

  2. Love your discoveries…..some of which I do recall……fun seeing them!

  3. What a great post! So much work there lady!!! The floor looks wonderful!!!! And those 'hidden' projects are great finds!