Thursday, January 28, 2021

Where the Twig People Dwell

I recently finished a piece that's been sitting on my design wall for quite some time....
It uses a lot of different surface design techniques. I often create fabric and then stash it away and forget about it....
and then while thinking of a new piece, I usually find one piece that strikes me more than others and work around that, pulling from my design wall is covered with bits and pieces of everything until I start eliminating. The piece of fabric above is a brick wall with color changes and printed in Photoshop E. The printing is a silkscreen of a recipe from my grandmothers "home made" cookbook. Adding her writing keeps a little of my past in the present. Below left is an eco print of leaves done on silk and on the right is a silkscreen of trees from the Blue Ridge Parkway.

An organza overlay of a page from my mother's autograph book from the 1930s...
and my "twig people" - little people made out of twigs and made into a silkscreen. 
The twigs are one of my favorite silkscreens....
Time for quilting using a very thin batting.
And the finished piece...I could not for the life of me come up with a name...forests, trees, writing and twigs ....nothing worked and then the Aha moment...probably in the middle of the night...but it came to me none the less and I think it fits..."Where the Twig People Dwell".  I do think Twig people would most likely be found amongst the trees and leaves....Take a look and see if you can find time you're on a hike in the woods...
Til next time..Stay safe and happy!


  1. Oh, this is beautiful and the name is just perfect!

  2. I love this piece!!!! I actually enhanced it larger so I could look at all the detail! very unique and COOL!!!!

  3. Absolutely a Judy Simmons piece…..I love it and your perfect title!