Saturday, February 13, 2021

Fabric and Images

I have this small piece of wonderful fabric...great imagery.... so I scanned it and put it in Photoshop Elements to see if it could be manipulated into something interesting for a silkscreen. I'm not sure of the copyright laws on scanning fabric even though you can use the fabric itself for commercial purposes....

so I will be careful to change the image considerably or just use it on my own personal art...not for sale. It was just a fun thing to try...I do love Photoshop Elements and the many different options and filters for manipulation of an image.

This was a filter "find the edges" which is one I use a lot...closest to the original image only in line form.
I don't remember this one but don't think it would make a good screen.
This is just the image itself turned into a black and white print....I would remove the "dust" before making it into a screen.
I think this was "wind" as it moved the image around...
And this filter was "twirl" and a great candidate for a screen as the image is completely changed and interesting.
Til Next Time....

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