Monday, September 7, 2020

Feathered Path

I spent this morning doing a little housekeeping in my gallery space in the Woolworth building turned art gallery. It's a great place to visit if you're in Asheville, NC. It's right on the main street which is Haywood Street - easy to find. My buddie Mary Stori and I share a space and there's lots to see in our booth as well as 100 other booths...something for everyone. Mary and I are on the lower level in #235.
 I had some lovely self-made kits ready to be made into something. The small wallhanging -top (and top of wall) is a recent addition.

I have many hand dyed silk scarves which make great gifts and another new wall hanging (bottom photo and bottom of wall) made from the leftovers of first quilt. The scraps were just too pretty to toss.
And here is quilt #2 below
It is heavily quilted with a feathered pattern. I do love to do feather quilting but I have a tremor in my hand and it gets harder and harder to do......some of the loops get wonky sometimes. But you can't keep a good arm down and I will continue to make feathers until the resemblance to a feather is so far from the real thing, I'll have to quit....but in the meantime....I'm loving the process.
The name of the quilt is "Feathered Path" It measures 22.5"W x 32" small enough to work in many spaces.

I also used the same writing fabric (not a thread left of that wonderful fabric) which is delightful and illustrates that the visual texture of the writing is what's important, not necessarily the words. The words here are "The Night Before Christmas"...Come visit us both when you're in Asheville.

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