Saturday, August 29, 2020

Writings on the Wall

I've been making a few new things for my gallery space at Woolworth in downtown, Asheville, N.C. Business has been pretty good....not as slow as anticipated and here's hoping it continues.

I try and do simple pieces for my space in Woolworth.  Many who shop there are from out of town and want something smaller to bring home. I'm also trying to use up fabric kits I have made over the years and stored for future use.  I love the quilt above - right and thought of making it again...but realized ...not too simple soooo.....
I think this might work better. I do a lot of auditioning before making a decision...Here, I like the idea of different colored blocks in the corners but after living with it for a while.... no...too many colors and fabrics. I did however find this "words" fabric as a sashing ...oh how I wished I had purchased more.
I wanted to keep the words running horizontally throughout which meant longer strips in some areas. I realized I didn't have enough long pieces and the seaming (above) really is an "eye-sore" what to do?

I did have some of the printed fabric left and a lightbulb went on...I backed some of the leaves with a fusible, then onto some fussy cutting and fusing them down over areas that were joined together. The wonderful Roberta Horten always said...."if you make a mistake, repeat it two more times and it will look intentional". Well I did just that and I can't tell you how often I've used that advice.
I also thought to bring a little more pink into the quilt as a "pop" color...not too much but just a wee pop!
And the finished piece which is named "Writings on the Wall" will be at Woolworth very soon. If you're in Asheville, NC and want to do some wandering around, Haywood Street is a good place to start...AND if you should come into Woolworth, walk on downstairs and to the right to #235. I share space with Mary Stori.
PS...If you're wondering what this glorious piece of writing fabric's the words to "Twas the Night Before Christmas".


  1. Very nice and imaginative placing those leaves over your seams. I really like your floral fabric . My favorite is still your original ( top right) little quilt. I like the movement, the vibrant colors and how the floral print just pops out.

  2. Wow….what a new direction for you. So colorful and great eye candy with the flowers/leaves, words…’s sure to be a quick seller at Woolworth’s.