Sunday, December 27, 2020

I'm Calling It....

We weren't quite sure about a White many varying weather reports and living in the mountains makes it more unpredictable.....but we did have snow...not a tremendous amount but enough to call it a White Christmas. 
The mountain peaks are usually covered but not too much here...and along with the snow comes the cold...
and in this case, we were down into the teens....It's supposed to get warmer so we  can expect some melting which is good for the roads.
This is our vegetable garden (on right)...waiting patiently for some seedlings to pop through.
But it sure is pretty...
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas day...and however you chose to spend it.....I've heard a lot of unusual and creative ways for getting together.
We were alone but my daughter zoomed on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning and afternoon so it helped a lot...but I really missed the hugs. I've heard that said over and over... missing the hugs...I guess we humans need that kind of fills our heart and soothes the medicine I know.
 As we approach the New Year, I wish you all peace, love and a new appreciation for what we have. May this be a good year for all of filled with many happy moments with people we care about and hugs....LOTS of hugs...Til next year....please be safe and healthy and 

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. What beautiful views!!!! It is so wonderful to be able to at least has at least been good for us, right! Happy New Year!!!!