Sunday, December 20, 2020

Moda Hearts and Feathers....DONE....FINALLY1

Those of you who have followed my blog, know I go on a retreat every year with my PTA fiber group...this is a project from years past. My friends Mary, Kate and I always do the same project so we can  swap fabric, compare notes and just have fun watching each other's progress. I might add, I ALWAYS finish last....Theirs have been done, hung or sold for years and after having had mine packed up and ready to quilt for SOOO many years, I ran out of excuses for finishing it. Not enough time, been out and about too much...just wasn't true so I dragged it out with semi-enthusiasm and got to work. 
 It's not that I dislike the quilt, I love the fabric...I just don't like working on large pieces...too hard for me to maneuver..I also love to do free motion work - especially feathers, but with a tremor in my hand, it does get jerky and my feathers can take on a pointed look...not very pretty.
But I was determined to have my way about this, pointy feathers or not. I used a very sheer non woven fabric (actually soil separator cloth from Home Depot) to draw the pattern onto, lay it over the quilt and with a blue marking pen, trace over the marked design which leaks through to the fabric. (More on this cloth later)
 I free motion quilt in a hoop, always worked the best for me and being able to hold onto the hoop gives my shaky hand some leverage.

 Oh and....The cloth I use for transferring is a "fabric like material" I happened onto in Home Depot. It's called soil separator cloth and used to line large pipes to prevent soil from seeping into the inside of the pipe.  It resembles pattern duplicating material but @ 1/10th the price. It's very sheer, non-woven and when you write on it with a blue marker, the markings seep through to the quilt underneath. 

So.... I am pleased that I stayed with it .....and finished it....and got my feathers ......and luckily, not too many pointy a happy ending.


  1. It's LOVELY!!!!! A very peaceful quilt...just a beauty! So glad you finished!!!

  2. Well worth the wait girlfriend……I’m fortunate to have seen this in person and it’s even more impressive than the photos here!!

  3. Hello! I'm new to your blog after following a black and white scrappy quilt photo (2014) on Pinterest. It was inspiring so I checked out your blog and am so glad I did. I am curious about the marking cloth you mention today. Why not mark directly on the quilt, if this marks will transfer through? Happy holidays and hope you have a pile of quilts to keep you warm over the next couple of days. I also live the NC mountains northwest of Boone.

    1. Hi Tammy, It would be too difficult to duplicate this design in each block as I would have to draw it freehand...this seems to work for me as the sheer cloth is so thin, the markings go right through to the fabric and also guarantee to be the same in each block.