Monday, February 22, 2021

Taking Care of Our Fine Feathered Friends

We are a bird loving family and enjoy taking care of these sweet little feathered friends in the colder months, knowing that there isn't a lot of food for them to find.

We have lots of little plastic dishes of seed tied to the back railing on the deck and some on the front porch railing. We also have bird feeders around the yard. My son put these together...a log with giant holes (made with a very large drill bit), filled with peanut butter and seed. The nails serve as perches. 

Another way we feed them is to cut bread into small squares, fry it in lard and sprinkle with quick oats....They seem to gobble this right up. I used to watch my mom do this all the time during our very cold winters in NY...She would throw it on top of the snow and those that decided not to fly south for the winter got some warm nourishment.

We have one of our log feeders in the front...
 and a couple hanging off our deck. This is where we have the small dishes attached to the railing and we see a lot of birds eating from them....
so we hope they'll be brave enough to come to this log feeder. 
We also read somewhere that certain birds love oranges and apples so we hooked them onto several trees....
high enough for them to feel safe.
We've seen them nibbling at it...
They are so much fun to watch and we have such a variety of beautiful birds....It's also heartwarming to know we're helping them get through a cold winter. 

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