Sunday, May 4, 2014

And still more fun

To continue our adventures in dyeing, we had such a full day and tried so many things. One of my favorite techniques was the scrunch dyeing.
 We soaked fabric in a soda ash solution, wrung it out and visually divided it into thirds. The first third was placed in a bowl and dye mixture poured on top.
 We then scrunched the first part up the side of the bowl so the second area could have dye added.
The third and last part of the fabric had the dye added and as each color was added, you could see the wicking of colors into each other. After it rested a while under clear wrap, it was nuked in the microwave for 1 minute...and now the fun - to see what you get.

Kates fabric on left (as seen in the bowl) and mine on the right. We also had some burlap which took the dye really well. We were unsure as to the fiber content as it had a sheen to it, but doing a burn test assured us it would work and it did beautifully.
 Gauze was also a good candidate - turned out beautiful.
 AND to top off the day, we did some ice dyeing - my favorite.
The results are always so beautiful and I'm never disappointed.

The close ups look so incredible, lots of energy;  it will be a challenge to use them. I also did some over-dyeing of deconstructive prints I wasn't happy with - You can see the mushroom in the fabric on the right, much prettier now.
 We had special non-spill glasses for sipping champagne, Heaven forbid we spill a drop.
 Beautiful beaches when we took a break...
 and we even saw a "sand shark"
 The grasses are amazing and I plan to turn this into a silk screen...
 And when we ran out of fabric to dye, not to worry...there's always underwear!
Our days ended like this. Does it get any better?....Absolutely not!

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