Sunday, May 18, 2014

PTA May Meeting

I've been so busy and never had the opportunity to show the pictures from my wonderful PTA group that met last week.  We always have a good time and provide inspiration for each other. 
Our guild meeting the month before featured a modern quilter who inspired Linda to make the piece above. It was a great piece and all the machine stitching really pulled it together. She free hand cut the circles which are so arty and more interesting, not like the perfect "trace around a dish" kind.
Gen made this very interesting piece with paper in the center.
Connie the beekeeper brought along her bees with a couple of bees and a "future Queen bee" fun to see up close and personal and with a screen in between. (-:
Connie was gifted with this vintage tablecloth made into a skirt. I don't know very many people who could pull this off, but Connie is one of them - looked great on her.

Janice has created this new series featuring her own photography printed on fabric - it's wonderful to see in person. She chooses photos that work well together and usually have like themes. 

Dort just finished this lovely quilt for a younger family member. The border features machine embroidered animals.
Sighhhhhh...this is so high on my bucket list. I'm such a fan of Project Runway. I wanted to go to FIT - Fashion Institute of Technology in NY when I was young but never got there. I dream of being able to go to Mood someday and walking out with one of their bags! Lucky Janice!
After lunch, it was hit the studio to work. Our group is making the donation quilt for the quilt show this year and I think it will be a beauty.
Right now we are just sorting fabrics and finding our place in the process.
Have a great day.

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