Friday, August 14, 2015

Fiber Junkies - Painting Fabric

Always a fun day when us Fiber Junkies get together. We are always anxious to get started after our morning coffee. We are creatures of habit and although our tables, which Val so graciously sets up for us have never been designated, we always go to the same one. Today we are painting - paper or fabric!
 Here's Gen ready to go; today she was planning to work in paper to add to her journal.
 My favorite squirt bottle is the "I Can't Believe it's not Butter" ones. I love to recycle and these work so well with paint. A variety of paints were used after being thinned. I had a lot of the Createx air brush colors I have used for marbling and wanted to use some of them up. They thin well without losing the intensity of their pigment.
 Our drying rack and drop cloths - all set up on the driveway. It's a hot day today so drying should go quickly.
 Mary was off to a great start by resisting off areas using blue painters tape and spraying the fabric; she used short spurts so it was more mottled and not solid.
 Many of us resorted to the use of stencils which proved to be great fun and very successful. The before with the stencil on the left and the after on the right.
 Denny was using Vat dyes sensitive to light. She bundled this piece and painted the dye on - hard to tell the color until it started to develop in the sun.....
 which took literally seconds. It was fun to watch it happen so quickly.
 Denny unfolded it some more to let the underneath areas get some sun. The fun thing about this is you can go back and add more paint anytime and put in sun.
 Denny also painted this piece with vat dyes and added
this resist on top. The resist was an image printed on a transparency and the sun did develop the color through the clear areas of the transparency. I was surprised; I had done this before with light sensitive paints and transparencies and they didn't work, this was a nice surprise. I got caught up in the days happenings and never did a final picture but it turned out great.

 I was working with PVC , wrapping and spraying - results revealed later on.
 Every meeting seems to bring forth a favorite tool we all gravitate towards, this time it was a circle stencil that Gen had brought. We were practically waiting in line to get our hands on this. What a pretty effect it made by laying it down and spraying gently.
 The paint left on top of the stencil - more concentrated, was quickly flipped over and used as a stamp giving a positive and negative to the piece. This is a piece Mary is working on; she went back and added just a tad of black to make it pop.
 This is one of Gen's lovely papers.
 This was one of Kates and made using our other favorite stencil that Val provided.
 I had some dyed pieces that needed help. This started with circles and turquoise metallic Createx paint.
It seemed a little strong so I went over it with a brick like stencil and some cream colored paint to tone it down, more to follow and some beautiful show and tell during lunch.


  1. That circle stencil produced some great results - I love your final piece of fabric.

  2. It is always fun to color fabric and you have some beautiful pieces Coongrats.

  3. I always look forward to reading your blog and Mary's after your get together with the fiber junkies!!!! Always neat ideas and great eye candy!