Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ice Dyeing Rayon

I have not done any ice dyeing all summer and it's something I really love to do. I have my dyed scarves in several shops and know they'll be calling me soon to get some more. I find this process works well in heat and heat we have - lots of - this summer before the fall takes over, time to finish up my supply of rayon scarves.
 As mentioned in previous posts, I use the vinyl covered shelving as a rack to hold the fabric. A new kitty litter pan is placed underneath to catch the run off as the ice melts.
 The scarves and fabric are bunched up on top of the shelving and ice cubes are then placed on top of the fabric.
 Procion mx dyes are sprinkled in powdered form on top of the ice. As the ice melts at different rates, the dye then strikes the fabric (which has been soaked in soda ash). I cover the mixture of powder, ice and fabric for several reasons...first to prevent the dye powder from blowing around and second to prolong the melting of the ice. This works best for me and I get great results.
 So here are some of the I dyed the scarves, I also included a fat quarter of mercerized cotton.
 I really love the crystal effect that you get with the ice...
 and the great patterning of colors.
 I usually use 3 colors and take into consideration what a 4th color would be if any of the colors should mix together.
 I don't have a favorite...I love the process and usually the results are 99% great...which is not always the case with a lot of things I do.

I did an experiment to satisfy my own curiosity to see the difference between using ice and this process and just batching with mx dyes. I used the same rayon scarves, the same mx dye colors - one was ice dyed and the other batched with mx dyes overnight - no ice. I think there is a big difference - the ice on the left and batching on right. 
Same here only reverse - ice on right and batching overnight on left...Both are nice and have their place, the ice dyed have more energy and probably harder to use but so interesting. The batched scarves are softer and easier to use but not as interesting. ...Great fun anyway and I'll have some nice scarves for the next go-round.
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  1. Fabulous results….next time call me!! Grinning….

  2. Your pieces are great! I had some very mixed results with my ice dyeing last week. Maybe it is because I live in South Louisiana and don't really understand ice and snow.......LOL

  3. Beautiful fabrics and such great color variation. I will have to try this sometime soon. What a difference between ice dyeing and just batching with mx dyes!

    1. I know, quite a difference.... I was amazed the first time I did ice dyeing and the beautiful effect the process made on the fabric.

  4. Wow. I have never heard of this technique... so interesting! With our 100+ degree heat in Houston, I wonder what kind of effect you would get using ice here. Might be a quick drip. Thanks for sharing these. I can see how they would make lovely scarves.

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  6. I can't stop doing ice dyeing -- try some mandalas -- they are totally addictive.

    1. Hi Elizabeth, I would love to try some mandalas but can't figure out how to do them...any hints? or is there something on You Tube I can go to?