Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fiber Junkies - Pt. 2

Last post it was Fiber Junkies and fabric painting. Back to the results from that meeting, we all had some great pieces of fabric.
 I had shown the beginnings of this piece in the last post; I wrapped it on PVC and sprayed with Createx air brush colors which are permanent on fabric. I then went back and brushed a little Lumiere textile paint on some of the "peaks" which added some sparkle.
 I unwrapped it and it probably was enough but I couldn't leave well enough
while it was still pleated and unwrapped, I laid our favorite circle stencil over some of the areas and lightly sprayed with paint. A bit busy, but I like it.
 This was another piece that was very subtle and needed a pop;  I used a bit of the turquoise metallic Createx and added a tad bit of color in a few of the areas.
 And another very subtle piece. One of the stencils I really liked was a brick pattern which can create a nice background pattern. I used a fine mist of black to pop it.
 Our show and tell during lunch is always fun and inspiring. Kate and Denny took a class in creating a collage using paper. They provided a drawing or photo for inspiration, blew it up to around 14 x 17 and then working on a canvas board, re-created it in paper. Kate has a second home at Folly beach and derives much inspiration from this area. This piece was wonderful in person; the shading she created using tiny slivers of paper was time consuming and incredible, but it paid off. It's a beautiful piece of art.

 Val, our amazing artist member/friend created this fabric at a previous meeting, went back and stenciled trees on top.
 Gen is into journaling and working in paper. She's making many wonderful background pieces to collage on top.
 This one was my favorite of the Wright Brothers. Gen had recently read their biography and was very impressed with their love for family and their ingenuity - made this journal page all the more special.
 And another page from Gen.
 Mary recently did a series using wool she created through many processes. The piece on the far right  I've shown before and the middle one of cat tails. They're all wonderful and work well together.
 And another piece from Mary created from Indigo fabric she created at one of our Junkie meetings. She used leaves from her yard as stamps for the surface. The entire piece has seed stitching to give it texture.
 Denny created this wonderful shawl in our vat dye discharge class we all took in July.
 She then overdyed it in purples and fuchsias which was gorgeous. This picture doesn't do it justice. I loved what she did in our workshop but love this even more.
And another wonderful piece from Denny using vat dyes and overdyeing. Everything happens so fast, so much passing of things and oohing and ahhing, such wonderful fun.
Til next time...


  1. What wonderful pieces of art!!!! You all have so much fun and create so well together!

    1. Thanks Robbie, it is such a great group...not only are these gals talented but so sharing and so much fun...I am truly lucky to have them as friends