Friday, January 6, 2017

Back in the Saddle Again

Taking down the decorations is almost as time consuming as putting them up..but "what goes up...must come down'... ( - :   so this week was spent in putting away and moving on...back into my studio.
Actually the bannister still has holly draped on it....the last thing to go and I'll get to it...
but in the meantime, I'm getting excited for our first Fiber Junkies meeting of the new year. It's always so much fun to get back with girlfriends whom have been out of touch for a while...always such renewed creative energy. For our first meeting, we decided to bring all of our UFOs, fabric we don't know what to do with etc...for some major brainstorming. At a meeting last year when it was just Kate, Mary and myself...we tried this...with great results.
Is there anything better than 1 creative mind X 5 more to get the ball rolling...What one doesn't think of...somewhat else does. This group is so amazing and each with such different I look forward to this coming week with great anticipation. So here are some of the fabrics I'm bringing for input and will probably find lots more...I made this a while back...not very crisp in areas where it should be the center which is a bit of a mish-mosh...I might just have to keep it as a reference to my mistakes....will see what the gals say.
I love this piece of dyed olive green and then rusted..
and also this ice dyed piece BUT they are both so busy and powerful....not sure how to handle them.
I really hope I can find ways to use my ice dyed pieces as I love the process and the results...just hard to use.
This is a piece of Stonehenge which was accidently silk-screened and then I changed my mind but I'm determined to use it...make it more interesting...perhaps an overlay on this will work.
I love doing Shibori using textile paint on fabric wrapped on PVC....This does look like a forest...but would love more input.
This is one of my favorite pieces but have never known quite what to do with's silk chiffon which is very flimsy in and of itself..but has been rusted and dyed...I will have more I'm sure...and all the wonderful ideas I hope to get will jump start me into the New Year.
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  1. Hmmmmmm........brain is working............ I needed something for the back of an art quilt I'm making and I grabbed the first piece of cotton I found that was the right size. Now, I'm thinking that I could do some painting, dyeing, whatever else I think of, and use that for a backing. Thanks for giving me things to ponder.

  2. Oh my have some great pieces for consideration......anxious for our Tues. meeting!

  3. Beautiful pieces. I love the mandela. We've had a bit of snow here. Maybe I should do some snow dyeing.