Monday, June 1, 2009

Cherry Winks Revisited

I started a small piece a while back using fabric I had printed in a workshop. I named it Cherry Winks. I made a screen of my grandmother's recipe for Cherry Winks (cookies) which I used on the fabric. The piece was almost finished but needed something else, so it stayed on my design wall for a while, getting my attention every time I entered the room. Well, Cherry Winks is a round cookie so I thought maybe some round shapes would work. This is the original piece before the circles.
I found my package of "Perfect Circles" - circle templates designed by Karen Kay Buckley
and they do make perfect circles. I also found some silk organza I had dyed and the color was perfect. It is transparent so the background showed through. Using an opaque fabric would add another strong design element to the surface and it was busy enough.
I backed the organza with fusible web and started cutting circles.

The letter J - upside down in block below is an old block from type set letters I picked up at a stamp show.
Some of the circles are so close to the background, they are barely visible but the look I wanted.
The smaller ones down here mimic the shape of the circle discharge on the rust pieces.
Here is the finished piece.

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  1. I have MY grandmother's cherry winks recipe. I wonder if they are the same?