Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shady Ladies - Amazing Ladies

The Shady Ladies of Waynesville, NC are having their quilt show this weekend. There is a lovely variety of quilt styles, techniques and subject matter. Every year they have a challenge within the group and feature it at their quilt show; I especially loved their choice for this year. There were specific dimension requirements (12-15" wide), no borders and each piece to feature earth and sky in the artist's interpretation. There were so many beauties, I wish I could have included all of them but just to wet your appetite, take a peak and enjoy the show. This piece features a wonderful waterfall made by Roberta Bonham.
Dot Burford did Hollyhocks, one of my favorite flowers.
Christel Arnsberger did this wonderful sunset. Wendy Bowen did the birch trees below.

Here are some quilts from the show -  this one by Jane Cole titled Blue Gingkos
This next quilt by Veronica VonZwehl tickled me as it featured fabric beads.  We used to make this same beads out of magazine strips, way back when I was a Brownie. It brought back sweet memories.
Close-up of the beads - way cool in person!
And another quilt by Veronica - part of a lovely assortment of nature themes I saw, trees being very popular.
These funky, fun trees by Winnie White. This next piece was made by Jane Cole for a show in Europe. I know it won a big prize. This next quilt was one of my favorites made by Chris Kroot. I think it reminded me of my growing up years on Long Island and Jones Beach - the sand dunes and wind erosion fences.
and the amazing beach grasses.
Hope you enjoyed the "mini" show.


  1. Judy - great post! Wendy Bowen was in this morning and told me to look at your blog! The woman who does the "bead" quilts exhibits at Textures - very successfully, I might add!

    See you at LINT!

  2. I enjoyed the show. Thanks so much for posting & sharing these beautiful quilts.