Monday, July 27, 2009

AQS Show in Knoxville, TE

This past weekend was the American Quilters Society show in Knoxville, TE.  As typical of AQS, the show was wonderful, polished and the vendors great and quilts breathtaking! 7 of us from my PTA group drove up for the day. I must say, if you have to spend 2 hours in a car driving, these are the gals to be with. It was BIG fun! Equipped with walkie-talkies and home made chocolate chip cookies, we caravaned up to spend the day eating, shopping and drooling over beautiful fiber art. At this show they feature the guild challenges. A guild comes up with their own challenge and 8 pieces are chosen that best illustrate the challenge. The jurying process includes pictures of each piece.
     The next challenge was done by PTA. I did not participate this time but I was their biggest cheerleader. They took the word Laughter, which is 8 letters for 8 people. Each person picked a letter out of a hat and had to create a piece that began with that letter.- a very clever idea. So here goes - first up is L by Connie Brown. "L is for..."
followed by A by Mary Stori and titled "Ace of Diamonds". The beading on this is incredible!
The letter U features "Up, Up and Away" by Barbara Swinea. Her background piecing is amazing.
G was picked by Georgia Bonesteel and her quilt is called "The Grand Interferer".
Lynne Harrill did this wonderful pieced quilt for the letter H.
Jodie Smith did the next piece for T for "T Men". I love the vintage fabric.
Kate Weston did this wonderful piece E for "Egrets".
and Dort Lee did R. Her piece is "rearends", how creative is that!
It was a wonderful show and more to come tomorrow.

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