Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Zucchinis are coming, the Zucchinis are coming!

We have a huge vegetable garden - thanks to my husband. Every year, we look forward to the "first" veggies from our garden, the wonderful zucchini.  I can say that right now - at this moment in time because in 1 month from now "wonderful" is not the word I would use to describe them. But right now, they are babies - waiting to be picked and tomorrow is the day. I just took a picture and they are about 5" long.  If I don't pick them in the next 30 seconds, they will probably be double that size by tomorrow. I'll just have to take my chances.
In Barbara Kingsolvers book "Animals, Vegetables, Miracle", she talks about their funny experience with zucchinis. Barbara and her family live in a small town where no one locks their cars. On Sunday, when everyone drives up for church, if you happen to be one of the late arrivals, you can sneak your extra zucchinis onto the front seat of someones car - just bag em up and drop em! Of course, people have become wise to what's going on and turn about is fair play. Often if your own car is unlocked, you wind up with more than you dropped!
As for me and my family, we will OD on grilled, baked, boiled, fried and whatever else you can do with them - and zucchini bread, our favorite which also freezes so well. So in the fall when we pull it out of the freezer, zucchini will be back in my good graces.
We will be tired of them in a short time but for now I say - Happy eating and what a great way to start the summer!


  1. Lucky, lucky you! I love zucchini too, but we were too late in planting this year, so ours will come from the farmer's market.

  2. My sister just told me that she shreds her zucchini into sauces! Cool idea.