Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Texture Magic

We had our meeting of Fiber Arts Alliance yesterday and were lucky to have Patsy Thompson do our program. Her presentation dealt with a new product called Texture Magic. This product is lightweight and resembles a piece of fabric. You place it on the underneath side of any fabric you want to crinkle and then stitch on the topside of the fabric. Once done, you flip it over and apply steam from an iron to the Texture Magic fabric. The iron is held a couple of inches away as it shouldn't touch the Texture magic. The steam causes it to shrink up, allowing the fabric on the other side to pucker and have the most wonderful effects. So on with the show.
The white fabric is the Texture Magic which has been held in place by stitching and then flipped over. Patsy is preparing the iron for steaming.
She's applying steam but as you can see, the iron doesn't touch the fabric, but held 1-2 inches above the surface.
Here's the finishes product.....
Patsy showed us samples of all kinds of fabrics which can be used in this technique, from cotton to silk to felt. One thing she did was to cut out a large leaf and stitched lines following the shape of the leaf. When it was treated with steam, it held its shape.
The purple fabric below is dyed in various values of purple and how great it looks when crinkled.
I would think the uses for this textured fabric are endless.  Here is one Patsy uses it for - the center of flowers.

It was a fun meeting, I learned a lot and had the chance to see some beautiful work up close and personal.  Thanks Patsy!

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