Saturday, August 8, 2009

Asheville Quilt Show still going on

The Asheville Quilt show is still going on at the NC Arboretum. It's a wonderful show and the quality of the quilts are outstanding! As I walked into the show yesterday, there was a crowd around one quilt in particular - Linda Cantrell's "Sue Bonnet Sue goes to the Movies". The quilt tells of all the movie parts that Sue B Sue had tried for and lost. It's wonderful and so much fun to guess each movie represented.  Can you name the movies in the next 3 pictures? (answer at bottom of post)

This piece was very large and could only get a close up. It uses non traditional fabrics and the quilting is breathtaking - made by Kane & Sells studio.
Love this next very whimsical piece by Connie Brown which earned a Judges Merit award.

Kate Weston did this next lovely piece which took a first place in the art quilt catagory.
Veronica Von Zwehl did this piece and another one in black and white. This is wonderful to see in person. Veronica used silk fusings and an acrylic medium to make the fabric for the Birch trees, which were then painted, shaded and mounted on a hand dyed background.

Ruth Powers did the pieced horses. I'm always fascinated at the use of piecing techniques to create a piece such as this.

This is a small block from the quilt Dort Lee created "Building a Straw Bale House for Cousin Em". It's a wonderful story in fabric.

OK - This was just a tease, I know, but I do hope you can stop by - it's a wonderful show.
Oh, and the answers to Sue Bonnet Sue are (top to bottom) Casablanca, March of the Penguins, Saturday Night Fever, The Shining and The Birds.
Hope to see you at the show!

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  1. Can't wait to see all the quilts when I go on Sunday! That last one ("Lepidoptera") is mine! Thanks for sharing these.