Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our Garden Revisited

I recently shared some pictures of my garden, but they are even prettier now. With so much rain, things are growing as you watch them. My son took these wonderful pictures! We have a sunflower patch that runs along the back of the vegetable garden. We bought a large variety of sunflower seeds. There are so many varieties and think we've only skimmed the surface with these;  this is my favorite and it's huge!
We have several flower gardens in the front; I love this one as it's a little more mature than the other one.
Amazing coloring!
We have a large variety of lilies.
This is the arbor my husband built; it was hard to make the curved sections but it came out great I think!
The Celosia have come in full force;  they are such beautiful and interesting flowers.

White Cone flowers
I thought this next photo was amazing - the center of one of our flowers, a zinnia!

Love the color variation
Talk about "Up Close and Personal"
and the color on this next one - Wow!

Green Cone flowers
I love the striations and center.
We have a rock garden in one of the gardens in the back.
and our Black-eyed Susans, almost fluorscent!
Can't beat Mother Nature and my great gardeners - thanks John and Mike!


  1. Beautiful! I'm jealous of your sunflowers...they don't like our Georgia red clay.

  2. Wow! Judy your garden is wonderful! I can't wait to see in in person...