Monday, August 31, 2009

Fabric for Small Studies

I really like doing these Small Studies and feeling good about making a very teeny, tiny dent in my fabric stash and trying out various new screens, paints and techniques. I just finished one using leftover digital imagery from the Windows quilt which is almost done - love those leftovers too! I pulled out a some fabric for my next study; I like some of the fabric (if not all) to be something I made. In my marbling days, I did a lot of tissue lame - a hard fabric to marble but worth the effort. It really has a lot of energy and I'll probably quilt it following the marbling lines. I paired it with the blue silk noil which is very quiet and a good side-kick for the marbling but think it needs something else.
Think this hand-dyed purplish color might do the trick.
Yup!! think it's good, off and running again.
Stay tuned to see what it becomes. I'll be curious also. 
Until then, happy sewing.

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