Sunday, September 6, 2009

A bargain is a bargain

I can't resist a bargain, whether I like it or need it, if it's a deal, it's mine! Such was the case at the end of last years fall season. One of craft stores had 90% off - yes you read that correctly, 90% off all the fall flowers, pumpkins etc. I was like a kid in a candy shop, I was un-stopable and well you know, the rest is history.
A couple of hours and many, many bags later, I arrived home. My husband eyed the merchandise and asked what I was going to do with 14 bags of silk flowers, pumpkins and cat-tails. Duh, silly man, NOT THAT MANY! He was close, but he'll never know.  Well they were put away and somewhat
forgotten. This year while going through that storage area, I rediscovered my bargain treasures. Spread over the kitchen table, I decided to just dive in doing something I've always enjoyed.
Probably the hardest part about this whole thing is finding a place to store them when the season is over. So here are the results of my great bargains.
This is arrangement # 1 made for my DR table.
and this one was very tall - so perfect for the floor.
and arrangement # 3
and this one
I know a bit of overkill but I did promise darling hubby to stay far away from craft stores post season this year. Happy Fall everyone!

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  1. Great story, and your arrangements are lovely! It's still summer here, but, being a New Englander by birth, I'm waiting for those cool days of autumn.