Saturday, September 12, 2009

Studio Tour

It's not often I get to an FSG (Focus Study Group) meeting in Atlanta; when it does work out, it's magical. Maybe because it's so seldom which makes it special and maybe because I'm inspired by such very talented and sharing friends - a bit of both, I think. Pat Stettler, who started the group 15 years ago hosted the meeting. It was a treat seeing her new home and best of all, her STUDIO! I love seeing where other artists work, but I must admit, I was turning a tad bit green while seeing hers, green with envy that is! Her studio space is the entire downstairs. Pat bought the house while still under construction so she still had some input. Pat is a gifted artist, does many things and created a space for each area. First off, Pat is a quilter and what a great space with so much natural light.
Drool - look at those fabrics and even better, the wonderful storage system for them!
This next room is the "wet studio" and where I started to turn "green". I love my studio but would love a designated place for wet work.

This next area was for paper/mixed media. Pat does beautiful cards and mixed media work. The drawers hold stamps and other supplies.

Pat does beautiful jewelry and makes her own glass beads so of course there is a space for that!

I laughed and loved Pat's love of "Felix the Cat".

What a great day! Thanks Pat!


  1. I think Pat must be triplets to have time to use it all!

  2. Judy,
    You flatter me! I'm looking at these pictures and thinking - who is this woman???

    You took such great notes - or else you have a fab memory or both!

    Yes, girlfriend, it was a wonderful day with all of you here.


  3. Judy,
    You flatter me! I was reading your blog, looking at the pics thinking - who is this woman?

    What a great day it was - with our girl friends. You are so right!

    Either you took copious notes, have a great memory or both. Great job on the descriptions.

    I can't wait for our next "reunion" in the mountains.