Saturday, September 5, 2009


My computer is home, all fixed after being gone almost a week. I'm a child of the "non-computer" generation. I've never been good with them, am highly intimidated by them and positively can't live without them - kind of a love-hate relationship. Right now I love mine, it's purring like a kitten and doing everything it should. It feels good to be blogging again and those of you reading this, thanks for hanging in there with me.
I wanted to share some wonderful photos I took yesterday and today on morning walks. I love mushrooms, the way they look, so many beautiful varieties. I don't eat them, never have but they are a thing of beauty. I have a folder full of pictures of mushrooms. I know it's a quilt in the near future. The first ones had already died by the time I took the second ones. I'm glad I take my camera everywhere.
The texture on the caps are amazing.
There was just this one lonely little mushroom. It died and along came this next one almost in the  identical spot. I wonder what tomorrow will bring? hmmm
Hope you're all having a wonderful Labor Day Weekend and enjoying the last little bits of summer.

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  1. These mushrooms would look great in some of my doodle drawings Judy...maybe you should keep the pictures handy ...