Friday, February 12, 2010

PTA at Gens

We had our monthly meeting of PTA at member Gen Grundys house yesterday. As always, it was great fun and inspiring. I've known Gen for a while and always thought she was talented, but yesterday was a real eye-opener. From the "perfectly made slipcovers, to drapes and pillows to a closet filled with amazing quilts, my mind was reeling. This lovely piece hangs in Gens living room - beautifully quilted.
And these whimsical chair back covers - don't you just love them.
I loved this next piece and the touch of black and white.
Posters that hang in Gens studio - created in fabric and reproduced on paper, inspiring.

I loved the colors in this next piece.

Gen's clever husband rigged up this table by cutting an opening and building a platform below the surface so her machine could be dropped down. How easy on the shoulders for sewing...
and a view beneath.
Besides making many traditional quilts, Gen makes wonderful art quilts and experiments with many surface design techniques.  She has 3 closets full of "stuff" for playing with.

This last idea tickled me. We looked up and saw this interesting treatment where the wall meets the ceiling,  could that actually be braiding? Yes! Gen put a fabric roping at the top of the wall where wall
meets ceiling, glued and pinned in place. It's quite an eye-catcher and just enough - great idea Gen!
Such a fun time and I always come home inspired.

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