Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Terrible Twos - Furry Style

I'm a cat person, always have been. I can't imagine my life without cats. Our cat Molly turned 2 years old today: she was rescued by the Asheville Humane Society along with her 2 brothers. They were around 4 weeks old. The vet on board brought them home until they were old enough to adopt out. In honor of her second birthday, my blog is about her, her escapades and things she loves. She could care less, but I had great fun doing it. This is the first day we had her - a tiny little thing, and so fluffy! The humane society names all the animals; she was a "Bailey" but that didn't work for me, so Molly she became!
She wanted to impress us early on the "tiger" in her soul!
One of her favorite things is her big brother Scooter (foreground). She follows him everywhere and probably drives him crazy, not too different from little sisters and big brothers in the human world.
Another favorite thing is to see Scooter dressed up silly. He also could care less (can you tell?)
Some of Molly's favorite things - her "Cat Sitter" video which she loves to watch in her chair in front of the TV.
And trying to get inside the TV to get all the critters!
And sitting in my computer chair just when I need to sit there!
Rubber bands - loves them, especially the big fat "broccoli bunch" ones!
And white mice - the stuffed ones. We bought these years ago in a box that looked like cheese only filled with mice. The package is misleading. They don't disclose the fact that at the dark....when everyone is asleep.....they MULTIPLY! Yes I'm convinced this is true. I've thrown out so many along with those being sucked up in the vacumn and they just keep showing up - LOTS of them. I can't figure it out. When people come over, I tell them to be careful not to step on the mice. They seem startled until I explain they are "toy mice".
And lettuce, yes this is weird. From day 1, Molly has loved lettuce, attacks the bowl when I'm not looking!
And her birthday Tuna with candles! Yum!
My son made her a birthday hat - not a happy camper!
Well, "Fooey on Youey" as my nana used to say.
She's a sweet little girly girl cat that makes us laugh all the time. We love spoiling our cats, AKA our furry grandchildren. You take what you can get!
In my next life, I want to come back as a cat - right here in this home. I know I'll get lots of love and more important, lots of headrubs!
Thanks for joining me.

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