Sunday, February 14, 2010

PTA Yummies

We had a great Show and Tell at our PTA meeting the other day. A while back we organized a group quilt, each of us doing a block using Georgia Bonesteels "Grid Grip Papers - a product she developed for making perfect blocks. This was great for me as I have difficulty making "pointy points", but this made it easy. We used black and whites from our stash and one piece had to be a bright solid.
I don't remember what solid I chose but I do recognize my black and white prints - here's mine.
We often donate our group quilt, but this time we decided to sell it and use the money towards our retreat.
A really fun project to see come together.

Mary Berry showed us her "snow dolls" -  made during the storm when none of us were going anywhere. These darling little dolls even have lacy underwear!
Dort Lee showed us a quilt top ready to be quilted made as a gift for her son. Dort always makes happy quilts with lots of wonderful stories connected to each block.

Such a great day with great friends!

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