Friday, September 10, 2010

FAA continued

To continue the wonderful show and tell from our Fiberarts Alliance the other day, here are more creative bags all were made using such unique techniques.
On many of these with long straps, even the straps were made by hand.

So many had such interesting closures such as the one below
and wonderful yarns.
Dottie made this next one - beautiful fabric and love the whimsy of flowers.
Veronica showed us her latest quilt in a series where she makes fabric beads. Remember from Brownie scout days making these out of a triangular shape piece of magazine paper, rolling them from wide to skinny and having the most "hotsy-totsy" necklace we would give our moms! Veronica does this with fabric only far more sophisticated. She mounts each bead on a rectangular piece of fabric. The effect is powerful and interesting. I loved looking at each bead and the choice of fabric to mount it.

I love this next piece from Pat using recycled items

This next piece by Trish is wonderful and if you remember a while back a "turtle" piece I featured, also created by Trish.
Dorann Nelson created this next piece which she will be teaching at Kitsch Fabrics in Asheville.
This piece from Eydie Sloan who has an upcoming exhibit the the Pensacola Museum of Art is featuring this as one of the pieces.
All in all, it was a lovely day loaded with inspiration and creative energy, always fun to be a part of.
Until next time

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