Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hello Again...The Moment of Truth

It's been a busy time with my daughter and her new husband visiting and an added treat of her in-laws, Jan and Dennis. We've been having adventures in the mountains, eating lots, laughing lots and taking trips down memory lane. I'm just now getting back to my studio to continue with my mushroom prints. I prepared the screen last week. I didn't know how they would print out so it's been a morning of fun and surprises. I used bronze mx dye from Pro Chemical and love the color. As I mentioned, each print differs from the previous one because of the amount of dye released. These next images are turned on their side so it's hard to make out the "mushroom".
Here is one "right side up". I used the mushroom cap on top for added texture. This print has lots of color.
The dye is becoming less and less prominent in the background of the next couple of prints.

The dye is almost gone and I will probably go back and add more color in those areas.
The screen still has areas of dye. By having several screens, I can hold onto this one with the dye and go back and use it at any point in time. It wouldn't make a good image by itself but perhaps on top of something else.
I've decided to add a little more color the the white areas. I was wanting some subtle coloring so I thought of a dusty rose and smokey grey, which leans towards blue.
I thickened the dye so I could apply it like paint using a paint brush. I like the way the smokey grey looks with the bronze coloring.
I'm liking this better than the dusty.
I also like the combination of the 2 colors together.

Will see where this takes me.
Until next time