Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rings and Rings and Things

What do you do with with the many rings you've collected over the years. You don't wear them but they're too sentimental to part with - like my mother's high school ring and her Eastern Star ring, my dad's wedding ring, my high school ring and my first ring - I was 5. There's also a ring in this pile dated 1929, don't know who it belongs to but it was amongst the family treasures.
Years ago, I made a charm necklace of all the charms from bracelets and necklaces I didn't wear. It was great fun, brought back memories and got lots of comments so I thought why not a "ring necklace".
Here's my mom's highschool ring - a bit blurry, but it's such a great ring with lots of sentimental value.
And my first ring - I feel fortunate to have parents who valued these sentimental items and saved them over the years.
I am working with a silver chain and using the larger links for placement of the rings.The design of this chain provides the perfect spacing as the rings don't touch each other. I wouldn't want it to be overpowering or too "clanky".
I laid out the rings trying to mix size and design. I found I liked the lighter ones at the bottom - it seemed to feel better on me. I also found I couldn't use all the rings; it would have been too much.
I used little jump rings to attach the ring to the chain. The triple loop rings which are so secure wouldn't work here as the ring bands were too thick.
I purchased a little soldering iron from a chain craft store. The tip gets very hot (950 degrees) but it has a stand to hold the iron, keeping your hands far enough away while you work. I tried the necklace on to see placement, how the rings laid and felt on me and then I soldered them in place.
What a great variety. The first (far left) is a ring my father had made for me from a stone he found on the beach, next - a pearl ring from younger days, also the mystery ring from 1929...
my dad's wedding band (left) and my mother's Eastern Star ring. My first little ring is at the very bottom along with a garnet ring from my grandmother. And it's done! This was a fun project along with a trip down memory lane - family treasures are the best!

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  1. Judy this is a beautiful way to enjoy your memories in style. Exceptional!