Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stranded Again

To everyone who is reading this from a warmer place, sigh - I envy you. But just look at what you're missing - snowmen, sledding, snowball fights and being stranded! We got clobbered again with snow, luckily I had gone fabric shopping the day before.

These pictures were taken early this morning.

Some little animal's foot prints - my cats wouldn't poke their nose outside on a day like today.

Our "Fat Albert" - my favorite tree.

This is our driveway - long and steep, which is why we're stranded! At the bottom you can see how far we have to go to reach the road.
Plenty of wood for fires....
Our garden taking a long winter's nap.
This is the subdivision in back where I often walk. There are no houses there yet which is nice with no cars. More snow coming tomorrow - brrrrrr.
Stay warm!

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