Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sewing Projects

I have a few sewing projects for the winter. I used to make clothes all the time but have turned to quilts - no bodies to fit. The things make for myself now are fast and easy, notice the patterns - Fast and Easy!
Very Easy Vogue, Another Fast and Easy.
There was a sale going on at a local sewing store; all patterns were $1 and Vogues were $4 so I stocked up.
This pattern is for jammie bottoms. I have a problem with jammie bottoms. I'm average height so nothing is ever too short to begin with but when I buy jammie bottoms, they shrink to a ridiculous length - first washing! I feel like a little kid who's just gone through a growth spurt with ankles showing. I'm not that particular about what they look like but my ankles get cold. So to that end, I started making my own - super easy, elastic waist, no pockets and made them super long to allow for shrinking.
I've had this silk charmeuse for a very long time. I used to be a silk-aholic - bought lots when I lived in Atlanta from a wonderful store and great prices. My stash of silk has accumulated over the years so it's time to use it. I love this piece - obviously there was a plan in mind that never came to be so now they will be jammie bottoms, and I will probably enjoy them more than the original intent.
This piece of light weight drapery fabric will be a simple jacket and maybe some thread embellishment following the lines of the pattern.
And my favorite plaid - a piece of Black Watch wool plaid. There's a lot of yardage here so haven't decided yet but I'll get more than one thing out of it.
So the one pair of jammie bottoms is done and they do feel so nice to wear. I feel very luxurious!

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