Friday, March 11, 2011

Great Girlfriends

I am so blessed, really I am. Last week we had our Fiber Junkies meeting here at my home. One of the highlights of the meeting is our Show and Tell - such a variety of talents and such prolific members, there's always so much to see and share. One of the pieces shared was made by Mary Stori. We're always in awe of her beautiful beaded work and this was no exception. A Sunflower, my favorite in our garden beautifully beaded and set off center which I loved. We eventually all went back to work and the day came to an end all too quickly. I was tired and planned on putting my studio back in order the next morning which I did and also went over near my computer when I saw THIS! - sitting there - FOR ME - from my pal - Mary. How lucky am I!
The beading is wonderful with the "many yellows" that's used to make it so realistic. The center is amazing - the beads are piled up to give it lots of dimension, one of the many techniques Mary teaches in her workshops. Hand dyed felt was used for the background.
My best treasures are in my studio where I spend the most time. It makes sense to be surrounded by my favorite things. I am blessed, truly I am.

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