Thursday, March 3, 2011

FAA March Meeting

Okay, so where did February go to and for that matter - January! I can't believe we're into March already but that brings another meeting of our Fiber Arts Alliance group which is growing in leaps and bounds.
Our own Dot H did the program on gelatin plate printing;  it was fabulous! Dot showed us so many tricks and ideas. I think we were all heading for the store to buy Knox gelatin after the meeting.
Dot used a pan with a scalloped bottom so her gelatin took on that shape - here a plastic swirl shape she cut out of "recycled" lids - how clever.

Dot uses any and everything in the way of fabric - like she says, it will all be cut up for quilts.
She makes use of all kinds of things for printing and is always on the lookout for new stuff.

What a great day and thank you Dot for such a great demo and so much inspiration.


  1. I have to admit....I didn't overdye the checkered wool tree was done by Nancy Bruce who gifted it to me. The blue woolfelt was dyed with the guidence of the talented members of Fiber Junkies..... Interestingly, there isn't one bead on this piece.....but I still love it.

  2. sorry to Nancy, this group does so many things...hard to keep up; I made the correction in my post. I love this piece but also miss all your wonderful beading!