Sunday, March 20, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Well I love teaching, especially week long workshops, but I really love coming home - to my own pillow, my own bed, my cats (my hubby and son of course), my studio and so on. But I did have a wonderful week with five of the nicest ladies ever. I always come home from these things with my mind reeling with ideas. I think I learn as much from my students as they do from me. There's nothing so energizing as a room full of creative and enthusiastic minds. So thank you (left to right) Carolyn, Marlene, Jeann, Debbie (myself) and Karen - it was a great week. We are all wearing scarves, one of the many projects we did during the week.
This is the display at the "closing ceremonies" where each class has a table to display their work. It  gives everyone an opportunity to see the variety of workshops offered.
I know I mentioned I was going to make a stop at the Blacksmith building where the bin outside has lots and lots of iron scraps and I did. I came home with buckets - literally
So here are my treasures. My husband never has to worry about me spending money on all kinds of stuff; this is the kind of treasure I love and come home with.
Have lots more to share but am still catching my breath, putting things away and getting caught up, will check back soon. Until then
Happy Creating !! ( :

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  1. Judy, I am headed to Campbell the weekend of April 8th to teach Fabricating Faces. I too find that I come away from my classes knowing more than when I went. My students cause me to think past my box and I always end up better with the experience.

    By the way I just ordered something from Spoonflower can't wait til it arrives.