Friday, June 17, 2011

Larkspur and Peaches

Our Larkspur are nearing the end of their season for blooming and what fun they've been. They reseed themselves easily and the birds are happy to spread the seeds from one garden to the next. We are finding more and more plants each year - letting the birds and wind have their way.
There are 3 luscious colors that I know of - deep purple, dark pink and pale pink - all glorious.
Aren't these yummy?

A word about peaches - I wish I had taken a picture. When I was little, peaches were my favorite, sweet and so juicy, you ate them over a sink or you would run the risk of juice pouring down your arm. As a kid, you didn't care. I still love peaches; while at the Farmer's Market in Asheville we bought a couple of small containers, brought them home, once again hopeful - we tasted peaches like the ones from years ago. So yesterday, we went back and bought a huge basketful - so heavy we had to weigh them out of curiosity - 23 pounds worth. Now you might ask what I plan to do with all those peaches and I would have to say - I have no clue! Just nice knowing they're there!

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